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IT Consulting Services

Your point of contact for all of your IT needs

We also offer an additional range of services that allow you to have one point of contact for all your IT needs.


Consulting enables SMEs to make strategic decisions regarding their IT infrastructure that positively impacts their long-term business goals. This is particularly important for businesses looking to grow and expand their business and services, all which have elements that need to be considered when making IT decisions.

Project Management

Project Management services offers businesses tailored advice and management for their IT needs. This can include consulting, software deployment, hardware installations, network upgrades and data management rollouts. Syntech IT can manage the implementation of your IT systems within specified timeframes and budget requirements.

Disaster Recovery

Recovering from an IT related disaster in minimal time requires the best service, expertise and technology. Preparing a disaster recovery plan is often overlooked although, realistically, disasters are a possibility that need to be considered. This can include; viruses, data breach, fire, theft, or human error. When running a business, it is crucial to have the support of a trusted IT provider who can give expert advice and get businesses operational with minimal turnaround.

Network Support

A well-designed network is going to safeguard against issues and potential failures, so businesses experience minimal downtime throughout the life of their networks.

Web Design

Syntech IT offers design of WordPress websites, with functionality and visuals tailored to suit individual requirements. We design WordPress sites exclusively, this is the most versatile and customisable option while sticking to a budget and time-frame, allowing a cost-efficient and timely option for our clients. A main feature of our websites is being responsive to all devices; desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles. In addition to designing and developing websites, Syntech IT offers ongoing content management for WordPress sites to keep website content updated and relevant.

Internet & Phone Services

Syntech IT have partnered with vendors across Australia to provide comprehensive internet and phone services to suit all business types. We are now able to offer NBN, Fibre & Fixed Wireless Internet to suit all budgets. Allowing you to have one point of contact for all your IT needs.

Looking to professional IT Advice for your business?

The team at Syntech IT are your single point of contact for all of your IT needs. For any questions, support or advice, please get in touch with us. We’re ready to hear from you. 

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