Syntech IT Services

As specialists in the industry, we offer a broad range of services to provide a full IT solution to our clients.


Consulting enables SMEs to make strategic decisions regarding your business’ IT infrastructure that positively impacts their long-term business goals. This is particularly important for businesses looking to grow and expand their business and services, all which have elements that need to be considered when making IT decisions.

Project Management

Syntech IT offers Project Management services to enable businesses to get the right advice and management for the IT needs.

This can include consulting, software development, hardware installations, network upgrades and data management rollouts. We can implement your IT systems within specified timeframes and budget requirements to allow your business to have the right IT infrastructure needed for your business to succeed.

Disaster Recovery

Recovering from a IT related disaster in minimal time requires the best service, expertise and technology.

Preparing a disaster recovery plan is often overlooked although, realistically, disasters are a possibility that needs to be considered. This can include; viruses, data breach, fire, theft, or human error. When running a business, it is crucial to have the support of a trusted IT provider who can give you expert advice and get your business operational in minimal turnaround.

Network Support

Your business computer network is crucial to be operating at an optimal level to ensure your business can operate without fault. A well-designed network is going to ensure you avoid issues and potential failures, ensuring you experience minimal downtime throughout the life of your networks. Syntech It offers support for both repairs and ongoing maintenance to ensure all networking needs are met for clients.

Web Design

Syntech IT offers design of WordPress websites, tailored to your business needs regarding functionality and visuals. We design WordPress sites exclusively, these are the most versatile and customisable while sticking to a budget and time frame, allowing a cost-efficient and timely option for our clients.

A main feature of our websites is being responsive to all devices; desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles. In addition to designing and developing websites, Syntech IT offers ongoing content management for WordPress sites ensuring content is updated and relevant.

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