Cloud Services

Cloud Services is a business must have, being a virtual infrastructure of your computer network.

Cloud based filing and backup allows business to run seamlessly, enabling collaboration while being secure and scalable!

  • Microsoft 365 Suite

  • Cloud Storage

  • Cloud Backup

  • Business Continuity

What’s Included

Cloud Storage

Our cloud storage is customised to your business needs, offering a secure way to share, synch and backup your files.

This enables you to access your files remotely and allows team members to collaborate seamlessly.

Cloud Backup

Backing up your files to the cloud ensures your files are kept off-site, ensuring better protection, accessibility and restoration of deleted files.

Data is critical to business operations, so keeping it automatically updated and safe is crucial.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft 365 for Business gives you access to a cloud based office suite, accessible virtually anywhere. On a simple monthly subscription,

you will have access to the entire suite, allowing business continuity regardless of location or device.

The Benefits for SMEs

Reduced Operating Costs

Operating costs are reduced by minimising the need for system upgrades and new software and hardware.


Scale your cloud storage to suit your business needs and move seamlessly as your business grows.


Cloud services makes working remotely and collaboration possible by providing an easily accessible and secure cloud filing system.

Security For Your Data

Data is secure, protected and stored off site, while having advanced disaster recovery options.


Cloud computing is a cost-effective option as there are no upfront fees, only a monthly ongoing fee dependent on your storage requirements.

What costs are involved?

Cloud Services are tailored to your business’ specific needs.

We can develop a quote to determine what would be the most essential and cost effective solution for your business, please contact us for more information.